Our history

As a passionate graphic designer, I’ve always looked for ways to optimize my time and space while preserving my health. Long hours spent in front of the computer have led me to feel the essential need for a laptop stand, especially when traveling as a digital nomad. This quest for comfort and efficiency was the catalyst for the creation of Lunava.


Our mission and values

At Lunava, our mission is clear: to offer our customers the best possible experience and optimize their daily lives. As human beings, we understand the importance of taking care of our bodies, especially during long work sessions. Our core value is to strike a balance between elegant design and environmental sustainability.

Swiss Quality

Quality is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to excellence and sustainability. This pride is reflected in every detail of our products.

Modern design

Our design reflects our quest for harmony between aesthetics and functionality, creating laptop stands that are both elegant and ergonomic.”


Our approach and philosophy

Our approach is characterized by a constant search for the best materials and the most innovative solutions for our products. As passionate users of our own creations, we ensure that every Lunava laptop stand meets rigorous criteria of durability and practicality. We only offer what we use ourselves.

Our planet

Environmental commitment

We firmly believe in our responsibility to the Earth. That’s why we donate 1% of our profits to reforestation initiatives around the world. We are convinced that nature plays an essential role in our existence, and we are determined to contribute to its preservation.


Join our mission

When you choose Lunava, you’re choosing more than just a laptop stand. You opt for an experience that elevates your workspace, improves your well-being and contributes to a greener world. Join us in our quest for optimization, comfort and respect for the environment.