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Do you know that feeling of finding that little something extra that changes everything? That’s how you’ll feel with the Capella carpet under your hand.

  • Delivery throughout Europe – Shipment within 24 hours.
  • Natural materials – Made exclusively of wood
  • 30 days – To change your mind

Comfort at your fingertips:

What the xxl felt mouse pad – Capella does for you:

Imagine that every time you put your hand down to work, it’s greeted by a gentle embrace. Capella is more than just a rug, it’s an invitation to serenity and comfort in your workspace. It offers you a cozy surface that pampers your hands and equipment, while bringing a sleek, refined aesthetic to your desk. And to top it all off, it gives you peace of mind: with its non-slip coating, there’s no need to keep repositioning it. In a word, Capella brings you a working experience where every detail has been thought out for your well-being and efficiency.

Femme qui travail sur un tapis de souris xxl gris en feutre

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Gentle on the wrists:

When you put your hand on it, you’ll immediately notice the soft feel of the felt. Just imagine: working, clicking, browsing, all with that delicate feeling of comfort that Capella provides. It will quickly become your ally during long hours in front of the screen.

Sleek and elegant:

Goodbye bulky logos and busy designs. Capella, with its simplicity, blends perfectly with your space, adding that subtle, refined note that complements a wooden desk perfectly.

Your cocoon of protection:

In addition to pampering your arms, Capella takes care of your space. Your keyboard, mouse and even your desk will thank you for this cozy protection.

What Amélie thinks of us:

“I love its sleek design, which blends perfectly with my workspace.
A purchase I absolutely do not regret, I highly recommend it!”

He doesn’t move an inch:

No untimely slipping! Thanks to its adhesive underside, Capella stays where you want it, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

Well-thought-out ergonomics :

Clava has been designed to help you avoid the minor aches and pains that can cause you discomfort. With its multiple settings, it ensures that your posture is the best it can be.

The advantage of large spaces: Why opt for a large mouse pad?

There’s something deeply satisfying about having a vast space in which to work. A large mouse pad, like the generous sizes we offer (80×40 cm, 90×45 cm and 120×50 cm), gives you unrivalled freedom of movement. No more narrow limits where your mouse often finds itself on the edge of a precipice! With a wider mat, you have all the room you need to maneuver, whether for precision work or frenzied gaming sessions. What’s more, these mats effectively protect a larger surface area of your desk and unify the aesthetics of your workspace. Opting for a large rug is like offering your hands and mind an expansive playground where creativity can flourish without restraint.

Advantages of using an aluminum laptop stand

Give yourself an enhanced work experience while adding an aesthetic touch to your space.

  • Improve your posture

  • Organize your workspace

  • Keep your computer at optimum temperature

You’ll love them too!


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