Marie, 26, a keen graphic designer, has been using a computer booster in her daily life for almost a year. Today, she shares with us her experience of this indispensable tool.

How do you use the laptop stand at home?

When I work from home, I’m often at the living room table. The stand serves me well here. In my office, when I have my screen as well, the stand is great for raising my laptop.

What do you love about this computer booster seat?

Frankly, my posture has changed completely. My computer is at exactly the right height, and it takes too much of the strain off my neck and back. For me, who’s always in graphics mode, it’s just too good.

Can you tell me how it helped your neck and back?

I used to break my back bending over my screen. With the computer elevator, there’s no need to twist my body, and goodbye neck and back pain.

It’s amazing how a little ergonomics can change so many things!

Have you felt a difference in your well-being since you started using it?

Oh yeah, definitely. Before, after a few hours, I was already knocked out. Now I can work longer without having to struggle. It’s really more pleasant.

And with an extra screen, what do you get?

Whether I have one or two screens, the computer booster is really top-notch. It allows me to have everything at the right height, and frankly, it’s fluid.

What do you think of the wood side of the stand for your space?

I love wood. It gives my office a cosy feel. It goes too well with my style and makes everything more beautiful.

In terms of efficiency, as a graphic designer, have you noticed any difference?

Yeah, it’s more convenient for me with my mouse and keyboard. My computer is well placed and I have all the space I need. I work better and faster.

Would you recommend this medium to other graphic designers?

Serious! Seriously, for all my graphic design buddies, it’s a must-have. A small thing that makes a big difference to back comfort.

I’d even recommend it to anyone who works on a computer.

Would you recommend this medium to other graphic designers?

Go for it. If, like me, you spend all day in front of the computer, this thing is a must. It’s an investment, but well worth it.

To conclude, what is the impact of this medium for you?

The support has really changed my daily life. Between the posture, the reduced pain and the comfort of working, I don’t regret it. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s in front of a screen 24 hours a day.