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Turn your desk into a haven of productivity and well-being with our aluminum laptop stand.

  • Delivery throughout Europe – Shipment within 24 hours.
  • Resistant materials – Aluminum product
  • 30 days delivery – To change your mind

Comfort at your fingertips:

What the Canopus Aluminum Laptop Stand has to offer:

This support places your computer at just the right height, so say goodbye to neck or back pain. It invites you to work with ease, even if it takes all day!

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A touch of chic:

Forged from aluminum, this stand not only adds comfort, but also a touch of elegance to your desk. Its sober look blends in with any décor.

More room to breathe:

By raising your PC, you discover more space to organize, write, draw… or simply breathe! It’s an invitation to a tidy, serene office.

Stay cool:

Thanks to its ingenious design, your computer won’t get hot even after long work sessions or the use of power-hungry programs.

What Antoine thinks about us:

“I really made a great find with the Laptop Stand.
My back says thank you, and so does my productivity!”

You’re still not convinced by the aluminum “Canopus” laptop stand?

But Canopus isn’t just your office ally! It has the magic of being discreet when you want it to be. Just imagine: weighing in at just 400 grams, it’s so light you can slip it into your bag in the blink of an eye, ready to accompany you wherever you go. And despite its slimness, its refined aluminum body gives it a natural elegance. With Canopus, you combine portability, aesthetics and sturdiness to perfection, wherever you are.”

The Canopus Laptop Stand is like a benevolent colleague who supports you on your most intense days. Visualize for a moment… You’re working, immersed in your project, and you don’t feel that little tug in your neck or that discomfort in your back that often calls you to order. Thanks to Canopus, your computer is at just the right height, inviting you to maintain a benevolent posture for yourself, whatever the duration of your session.

And because it thinks of everything, Canopus also makes sure your computer doesn’t get too hot, even when you’re in the middle of a creative frenzy. With him by your side, your well-being, your efficiency and the look of your workspace are lovingly cocooned.”

Advantages of using an aluminum laptop stand

Give yourself an enhanced work experience while adding an aesthetic touch to your space.

  • Improve your posture

  • Organize your workspace

  • Keep your computer at optimum temperature

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